State E-Verify Laws Popular

Some states have very quietly passed mandatory E-verify legislation like North Carolina and Tennessee and some have been much louder making national headlines like Georgia and Arkansas.

As the list of states who are passing E-verify laws for all employers continues to grow, we thought it would be helpful to compile a list of of those states that have passed this type of law,

The reach of the legislation varies from state to state, some laws only apply to government contractors and the start and conditions of enforcement vary. If you’d like to see a summary of the law in your state click here and then select your state on the map.

The enforcement date listed on our chart is the date the law will be enforced for employers that have a smaller workforce.

State Name Bill ID Date Effective  All Employers
Idaho Exec Order 2006-40 3/11/2006 NO
Nevada AB 383 6/2/2007 YES
Arizona HB 2779 1/1/2008 YES
Utah SB 251 7/1/2010 YES
Colorado HB 06-1343 8/7/2006 NO
Nebraska LB 403 10/1/2009 NO 
Oklahoma HB 1804 11/1/2007 NO
Texas HB 1196 9/1/2007 NO
Minnesota Exec Order 08-01 1/29/2008 NO
Iowa SF 562 7/1/2007 NO
Missouri HR 1549 1/1/2009 NO
Arkansas HB 1024 8/1/2007 NO
Louisana SB 753 6/23/2006 NO
Illinois HB 1744 1/1/2008 TBD
Tennessee HB 1378 7/1/2013 YES 
Mississippi SB 2988 7/1/2008 YES
Indiana SEA 590 7/1/2011 YES 
Michigan SB 229 10/31/2007 NO
Alabama HB 56 6/9/2011 YES
Georgia HB 87 7/1/2013 YES
S. Carolina S 20 6/27/2011 YES
N. Carolina HB 36 6/23/2011 YES 
Virginia HB 737 3/11/2008 NO
West Virginia WV Code 21-1B-2 4/19/2007 YES
Pennsylvania HB 2319 7/1/2006 NO
Connecticut SB 931 10/1/2007 NO
Massachusetts Exec Order 481 2/23/2007 NO
N. Hampshire HB 1278 1/1/2007 YES
Hawaii HB 1750 7/1/2007 YES

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