International Labor Management Corporation (ILMC)  places more seasonal workers under the H2A and H2B programs than any other company in the U. S., more than 15,000 annually, and for good reason. We’ve been doing H2A and H2B nationally since 1994—better and longer than most.

That’s the kind of reassurance you need in today’s political climate. Proposals for securing the international borders and developing immigration reform are changing the seasonal labor industry. ILMC understands the problems facing employers who are seeking a legal, temporary, and seasonal workforce in demanding, labor intensive occupations. Now, you can stop puzzling over regulations and cumbersome forms and get the solution you need.

We offer a respected voice in political, agricultural, and business affairs at all levels. ILMC maintains active membership and continuous contact with the National Agricultural Coalition and the National Council of Agricultural Employers and USA Farmers to ensure your views are heard in Washington, D.C. When necessary, we’ll legally defend issues of wide importance to our clients.

Whether you’re a big business or a small one, we’re your ideal program consultant. We’ll work with you to develop a workforce plan tailored to guarantee your workforce, this year, next year, every year.

You can contact ILMC at info@ilmclabor.com or by telephone at (910) 245-4808


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