The Rumor Mill

Allow me to waste a few moments of your time and mine to dispel some rumors that seem to be circulating in the H-2A community in Kentucky and Tennessee.

ILMC is not limiting visa requests to six workers–in fact ILMC is not limiting visa or worker requests at all.  Our clients request whatever their labor force needs are and ILMC assists them with those requests.

Also we are  filing joint or master orders for clients who need or request them. Of course we can only file those joint and master requests in conjunction with H-2A regulation.

Any policy changes at ILMC would be distributed by ILMC in written format not by word of mouth or through the rumor mill. If you have any questions about ILMC’s policies or services, as always please call our office to get it straight from the source, (910) 245-4808.

Now let’s get back to the business of tending farms, filing H-2 paperwork and initiating positive guestworker reform!

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