Georgia Follows in Arizona’s Footsteps

There have been a number of other states that have considered following Arizona’s lead in enforcing our nation’s immigration laws.  Those states include; Georgia, Mississippi, Indiana, Florida, Nebraska, Kentucky, Utah, Pennsylvania, Texas, and South Carolina. 

South Carolina’s State Legislature already passed the South Carolina Illegal Immigration Reform Act and their enforcement of that act went in to effect last year.

State lawmakers in Georgia expect to vote on House Bill 87 (Illegal Immigration Reform and Enforcement Act of 2011) within the next week or two.  According to the Georgia Fruit & Vegetable Growers Association, House Bill 87 is in committee now.

 The main components of House Bill 87 are:

  • Monetary penalties for transporting or harboring illegal aliens
  • Police verification of legal status, detention if illegally present
  • All employers must e-Verify, enforcement for some begins as early as 9/1/11 if bill passes
  • Must be legal resident to receive public services/assistance

Some argue that many states are too short on funding and administering and enforcing House Bill 87 could cost the state of Georgia money it may not have.  Those in support of initiatives like House Bill 87 may ask, what is the cost of providing public services, emergency health care and imprisoning illegal residents? Is it more or less than the millions it may take to put House Bill 87 in to action.

What is the ultimate cost for people in Georgia and beyond?

Click here to read Georgia’s House Bill 87.

Click here to find out what South Carolina requires to be in compliance.

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