The Hispanic Caucus and Comprehensive Immigration Reform

Seems there is some effort being made by the Hispanic Caucus lead by Luis Gutierrez, to get comprehensive immigration reform moving again. 

Comprehensive Immigration Reform Bill to be Introduced Tuesday by Rep. GutierrezPosted: 14 Dec 2009 03:59 PM PSTRep. Luis Gutierrez (D.-Ill.), chair of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus task force on immigration, will be accompanied by other members of Congress on Tuesday, December 15, as he introduces a comprehensive immigration reform bill. We expect the legislation to include opportunities for many migrant and seasonal farmworkers to become eligible to adjust their immigration status.

His bill will be called the Comprehensive Immigration Reform for America’s Security and Prosperity Act of 2009 (CIR ASAP). He posted a piece on the Huffingtonpost about the need for the bill.

Rep. Gutierrez is a also a cosponsor of the Agricultural Job Opportunities, Benefits and Security Act of 2009 (AgJOBS), H.R. 2414, the bipartisan labor/management compromise that addresses the specific needs of agricultural workers and employers. We expect Rep. Gutierrez’s CIR ASAP bill to benefit many farmworkers and family members through a comprehensive approach to immigration reform; we also anticipate that his bill will incorporate AgJOBS. Info on AgJOBS is available at our website.


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