Michael Glah, IPR President Charged in Visa Scheme

One of our clients sent me this news article from the Philadelphia Inquirer, about the criminal charges against Michael Glah, former President of an agency called International Personnel Resources (IPR) based in Pennsylvania.

IPR was a growing agency that assisted employers in filing paperwork so that they could employ foreign temporary workers, predominantly in the H2B visa category.

U.S. Attorneys said that this types of schemes are popping up all over the country.

Michael Glah, image from IPR website

Click here to read the article.


2 comments on “Michael Glah, IPR President Charged in Visa Scheme

  1. alvaro herrera says:

    fui visado por esta empresa de michael que pasa si otra ajencia me contrata se me negara la visa, actualmente me encuentro en mi pais de origen, necesito trabajo en estados unidos de manera legal, favor de decir la soluciom

  2. ariel materin says:

    I had an internship there and quit when they told me to make up some social security numbers.
    if anyone needs help or witnesses please let me know or put your email or phone number and I will get in touch with you.

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