Welcome to the Jungle

We have decided to make a gracious entrance into the blogworld. Can we play too?  We know that we will be joining the ranks of of millions of bloggers all over the world. Our topic of choice and interest here is immigration and specifically how immigration issues coincide with the guestworker programs that are in place now.  You should know that the authors and contributors of this blog work in the guestworker industry.  No that doesn’t mean that we are guestworkers, that means that we file government paperwork so that employers all over the country can employ temporary, legal foreign workers.  We have an inside track and the people that we assist have firsthand experience with labor shortages, labor intensive jobs, America’s food and INS.  Who would you rather get the information from–people who live it everyday or a reporter’s condensed down version of farm life?  I think any sensible person knows the answer to that question. We hope you will take a look at the writings we have to offer and we hope that our clients and the public at large will participate peacefully and respectfully in this dialogue.  Our goal is to offer a good balance of opinion and fact.  Those opinions expressed here are not those of ILMC.  For more information about ILMC, please visit our website.

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